Bringing the iPads and the technology, we help your Early Learning Center stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Using proprietary technology that are intuitive, adaptive, and natural, Creative Digital provides a rich learning experience for toddlers, pre K and Kindergarten age children, all while having fun. 

Weekly, 35 minute classes focus on areas critical to academic preparedness.  Class sizes of three students allow for personalized attention - the student is the focus. 

A unique lesson plan is created for every student.  Parents are communicated with regularly to help identify problem areas.  The iPad platform allows us to target and exercise concepts quickly, using dozens of digital tools to keep the child motivated and engaged.

Awesome technology becomes a fantastic teaching tool when it is used to create good study habits like focus, ability to work quietly, and independently.  Our strategies are designed to develop these characteristics over time by using the time honored practice of repetition.   

Instructors are always right there to guide, encourage and praise.

Let us show you the difference we can make.